Building Automation Simplified

Computrols and GS Automation partner to offer our customers an intuitive, open user interface and the industries  only lifetime warranty on our direct digital controls.


All products are 100% designed and manufactured by Computrols.

Lifetime Warranty

All Computrols products have the Industries ONLY LIFETIME WARRANTY

Computrols Lifetime Warranty – Click for more info!

Computrols HVAC Controllers

Computrols HVAC controls are the backbone of large building automation systems, specifically made to meet the challenges of today’s largest and most demanding facilities.

Lifetime Warranty

As with all of the products that Computrols manufactures, the LX is made in the USA and carries a true lifetime warranty, making it the only parent-level direct digital controller (DDC) with such a guarantee.

Two-piece board design

The LX’s unique two-piece board design makes changing out hardware a 5-minute process, eliminating any potential downtime. It also makes for easy controller upgrades, as we create new technology as a drop-in replacement.

4-in-1 points

Every point on the LX Controller can be programmed in the Computrols Software as analog in, analog out, binary in, or binary out. Having universal i/o on every point makes adding new components a breeze.

The Ultimate Integrator

The LX Controller can communicate on open protocols like BACnet and Modbus, it can also integrate with proprietary third-party controllers by natively communicating third-party protocols.

Backward and Forward Compatibility

While most building automation manufacturers are known for obsoleting their solutions every 5 to 10 years, Computrols stands alone in building backward and forward compatibility into all of their products.

Protocol Routing

The LX can expose a wide selection of legacy, proprietary protocols as BACnet IP points. The Controller’s two universal RS-485 communication ports can be used to communicate with over 25 proprietary and open protocols including BACnet, Modbus, JCI N2, Siemens FLN and BLN, Trane, etc.

Computrols LX Controllers

Computrols flagship LX Controller. Computrols HVAC hardware has proven time and time again to be the toughest in the industry, backed by the LIFETIME WARRANTY . These controllers can be found in  healthcare facilities college campuses, and  commercial office buildings around the world.

Unitary and VAV Controllers

Whether you are controlling a chiller plant or a simple VAV system, Computrols has the product for you. Computrols Unitary and VAV controllers are the perfect controllers for smaller contained applications such as VAVs, Unit Heaters, Unit Ventilators, etc. 

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