Facility Explorer


Elevate your building operations to new heights with Johnson Controls FX, a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates diverse systems like HVAC, lighting, and security under a single, intuitive platform. Gain real-time insights for informed decision-making, automate processes for optimal efficiency, and implement energy-saving strategies to reduce costs. With scalability, predictive maintenance, and future-proof adaptability, Johnson Controls FX empowers your facility with unmatched control, performance, and sustainability.

Optimized Processes

Including processes such as: consistent system maintenance, remote problem diagnostics, advanced monitoring capabilities, and much more!

Air Quality Satisfaction

During COVID-19 and moving forward, building air quality is a number one priority. With the solutions we offer you will be on top of your whole buildings quality. 

Energy Optimization

In Coalition with GS Automations own Energy Efficiency Program, Johnsons Controls FX brings new ways to optimize sequences and operational capabilities to save you more!

Reduced Costs

Through Optimized Processes and Energy Efficiency for your whole system you will see reduced operating costs of everyday equipment.

With Facility Explorer®, you can create a building automation system that’s as simple or as sophisticated as you need.

As an accredited Johnson Controls Authorized Building Controls Installer, GS Automation leverages decades of Johnson Controls expertise to deliver a personalized, localized experience. We bring the legacy of Johnson Controls to a tangible, face-to-face level, ensuring the highest standard of service and knowledge for your building controls needs.