Johnson Controls – Service

GS Automation sets the gold standard in service excellence. With a rich heritage of expertise and innovation, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to elevate your building operations. Our commitment to excellence means you gain not only cutting-edge technology but also a partner dedicated to understanding your unique needs and delivering exceptional service at every step. Trust Geostar for service that goes beyond expectations, ensuring your building’s performance, efficiency, and comfort are always at their peak.

24/7 Service

Utilizing our 60+ years of combined Industry expertise with JCI products, GS Automation can service all of your existing Johnson Controls controllers. We also have 24/7 Emergency Service and will be there when you need us.

legacy support

Our Service capabilities expand to Legacy N2 and even the NCM series JCI controllers. Using a multitude of Industry renowned tools and decades of experience, GS Automations’ Technicians can service your existing Johnson Controls controllers.

New JCI systems

When a legacy controller goes bad, finding a affordable and reliable solution can be a daunting task. With the knowledge base of GS Automation, we will use our Industry expertise to guide you in the right direction with new installations without breaking the bank.

Elevating JCI Legacy Service

GS Automation proudly extends its expertise to the realm of Johnson Controls legacy equipment service. As seasoned professionals in building systems, we specialize in the preservation and enhancement of your legacy assets. Our adept team possesses a comprehensive understanding of Johnson Controls equipment, ensuring its continued optimal functionality and performance. With GS Automations legacy equipment service, you can rely on our commitment to excellence to prolong the lifespan and efficiency of your systems, while seamlessly integrating modern advancements where needed. Trust GS Automation for dedicated service that bridges the gap between the past and the future in Johnson Controls legacy equipment management.